Michael Kanteena Isleta Pueblo Potter

For many years we have carried the works of Michael Kanteena, one of very few potters from the Laguna Pueblo. This small Pueblo is near Acoma, off of I-40 in New Mexico.

Michael is an award winning potter whose work is based on loose representations of pre-Columbian, Mesa Verde, Chacoan and Mimbres designs. He mixes these patterns and shapes together and has created a look that is completely his own.

Michael also creates, out of Native Clay, images of Kachina Dolls that look like they are a hundred years old!

His work just makes you feel good to look at and hold!

Today, we are pleased to have one of the largest collections of Kanteena’s works in the country. We have a large selection of pieces from him and in addition have just received a great collection of his early work on consignment from a collector.

Most of these spectacular pieces are on our web site and we will be adding more in the next week.

I have enjoyed Michael’s work for many years. I first saw it at the Mesa Verde Memorial Day Art show and enjoyed meeting the artist. He is a warm and open person who talks about his work with a confidence and ease that is refreshing.

He has created a unique and special spot in the Pueblo Pottery world.

Hopefully, you’ll like his work as much as we do!


Jackson Clark